Hello vendors!

The 2019 Kimberley Vendor Application Package is now available! Please read the entire package thoroughly as there are some changes from last year. 
Please don’t send vendor fees with your application! You will receive payment instructions with an acceptance letter if you are accepted as a vendor.

You can download the 2019 Kimberley Vendor Package here!

The list of vendors will be updated regularly as applications are accepted. Please be patient as we review the applications.

Current Vendor List

Last Updated July 10th 2019

Rocky Mountain Maille – A wonderful assortment of hand made jewelry, ornaments done with chainmaille; chainmaille with leather armor, and steelplate with leather armour. Come and watch Matthew crafting in this long lost art!

The Beaded Veil – Lace collars, slave bracelets and headpieces. Jewellry including chainmaille and Celtic designs – a must see!

Red Moon Curio – If you love fantasy come and see Dragons, Gargoyles, fairies skulls, and knights – statues and lamps. The flintlocks are a must see!

Blue Sage Treasures – Gems, crystals and fossils are just some of the interesting things in this booth. Crowns of flowers, macrame and wire wrapped bands are available. See the handcrafted Gnomes and dragons. Sage and smudge sprays and essential oil rollers can be found here.

Celtic Mountain Wool & Leather – Wool felted ornaments, woodland animals, Gnomes, wizards, and fairies – all a must see on this vendor’s table. Leather cuffs with Viking and Celtic engravings along with circlets and crowns – something for everyone at this booth.

The Blacksmith’s Wench – Check out the chainmaille, clothing and jewellery made from silver clay. Try your luck with your making your own gemstones with do-it-yourself kits.

Tz Tz & More – A new vendor to Brooks this displaying crystals & minerals, gemstone bracelets, floral wreaths and everybody’s favourite – Tie Dye t-shirts and accessories. Stop in and see this colourful booth.

Black Velvet Moon – beautiful arm or ear cuffs of copper, gemstone potion bottles, pendants & chokers, Fairy or Elf ears and all the ladies love the tiaras plus many other special treasures can be found on this vendor’s table.

Six Guns Savvy Crafting & Fabrication – see various fabricated horseshoe crafts – celtic crosses and knotwork, nail jewellery and much more from this vendor.

Bears Den Woodworks – Come and see these amazing stargazer chairs. Admire the skill and artistic beauty of these collapsible chairs.

Master’s Ark – This longtime vendor is a big hit with all who visit this booth – from the historically accurate tent to handcrafted jewellery and found minerals and semi-precious gems you will enjoy talking to these merchants as much as you enjoy their goods.

Corvidae Album: Books and More – Leather bound books and journals embellished with dragon patterns, metal wall plaques and bindrune key chains are just a few of this vendor’s many talents.

Wolfram’s Wares – Imported jewellery, alms purses, Celtic t-shirt designs, and ale tankards are just a few of the wonderful discoveries you will see on this vendor’s table.

Golden Scarab – This new vendor offers cloaks and other middle eastern style clothing with offshoots of different tunics with a grand blend of hand crafted goods and gemstones.

Kwality Ice Cream – Refreshing ice cream cones, sundaes and slushies for all faire-goer’s after a hot afternoon of sword fighting and battles. Come and Enjoy!

Travelling Tarot – Have your tarot cards read by this long-time reader well known in and around British Columbia.

Pommier Ranch Meadery – One of last year’s favourite stops at the festival is this vendor. Try a sample of refreshing mead. They offer a large variety for most taste levels and surely you will have a difficult time choosing which flavour is your favourite to take home to enjoy.

Zenith Henna – Have beautiful images placed upon you by this talented lady. If you are extra daring, have her put sparkles into your design!

Delicious Greek Food – You don’t have to travel far to satisfy your cravings for Greek. There is a varied menu to choose from.

Shining Brow Designs – Come and see the talent of this artist. Hand painted clothing and keepsakes of all themes and designs. Take note that our front gate dragons were done for us by this clever fellow!

Silvermoon – Always the kids’ festival favourite activity – face painting! This vendor also offers fairy belts, fairy ears along with original and printed artwork.

H.E. Viers Ceramics – This Vendor offers porcelain hand-made jewelry and beautiful stoneware of her own designs. So many different things to look at you will have to take your time at this tent.