Things to Do

Archery Demonstration Area

Showing how it was done “old school”, see archers display their skills. Once an essential skill for hunting, as well as combat, this art lives on.

Viking Combat Demonstration Area

Come out and see why the Vikings were the most feared warriors of their time. Spears, shields, discipline and combat techniques….one for all and all for one! 

Viking Kitchen

Roasting over an open fire, the smell of the communal cooking area drifts through the air. Watch the ladies prepare meals for their warriors throughout the weekend.

Medieval Combat Demonstration

Medieval knights join us for the festivities as the Feral Fang of Cranbrook join us for the weekend. Dragon’s Own from Calgary and the Lethbridge Medieval Club are also standing at the ready for medieval mayhem to appear. 

Children’s Area

The Kimberley Public Library has Viking themed crafts, stories and activities for the littlest Vike-lings. Let your little adventurers play some games, win some prizes or have some fun in the bouncy castle.